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Money and Banking: Associations and Societies

An important objective of this course is to investigate the principal financial institutions involved in our macro economy.

International Banking, Economics and Finance Association

The association provides a framework for the exchange of scholarly research and ideas among its members, promotes individual and collective research, fosters friendly relationships and collaborations with other economic and finance professional associations throughout the world, and encourages academic exchange between institutions of higher education and centers and institutes for research devoted to the association's study objectives.

International Finance and banking Society

Founded in 2008 in the United Kingdom, IFABS has now over 3,500 Members from over 60 different countries. IFABS has become one of the world's leading research networks dedicated to the promotion of cutting edge research in the areas of Banking and Finance.

IFABS gatherings provide a highly effective and prestigious forum in which academics, research students, policy-makers, and practitioners with interests in contemporary issues surrounding Banking and Finance can present and debate their research and engage in discussions and networking. Papers presented at IFABS conferences and meetings are likely to be published in top academic journals in the field and often inform policy developments.

Bankers Association for Finance and Trade

BAFT is the association for organizations actively engaged in international transaction banking. It serves as the leading forum for bringing the financial community and its suppliers together to collaborate on shaping market practices, influencing regulation and legislation through global advocacy, developing and adapting new and existing instruments that facilitate the settlements of products and service offerings for clients, providing education and training and contributing to the safety and soundness of the global financial system.

Financial Engineering & Banking Society

The Financial Engineering & Banking Society (FEBS) is a non-profit research society aiming towards the promotion of decision making approaches in the fields of financial engineering and banking. FEBS was founded in 2010 in Greece. FEBS has a global orientation and welcomes the participation of researchers and practitioners from around the world interested in financial engineering, banking, and other related fields. During the last decades the globalization of financial markets, the intensifying competition as well as the rapid economic, social and technological changes, have led to an increasing uncertainty and instability in the financial and business environments. This new context has given a new rise to the role of financial management for the operation of firms and organizations. Furthermore, along with the increasing significance of financial management, the complexity of financial decisions has also increased with the introduction of new financial products and services.