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The course is designed to develop student’s key knowledge, understanding, skills and application of mathematics in subject-related contexts appropriate for entry to a degree course at any one of the NCUK Partner Universities.

Course Description

This course provides complete skill to understand basic function of Mathematics and their use in Business and Finance. After completing the course, studentwillbeableto solve business and finance problems.

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Course Goals

  1. To develop abilities to think logically, to recognise incorrect reasoning and to express ideas clearly.
  2. To develop an enthusiasm for the subject and the skills required to apply the knowledge to both the further study and application of mathematics.
  3. To develop in students an understanding of how theory and application work together
  4. To develop students’ skills in modelling and the interpretation of results.
  5. To develop the necessary English mathematics vocabulary and terminology to use their mathematics knowledge effectively in a UK/Western university context.
  6. To acquire the skills needed to use technology such as calculators and computers effectively, recognise when such use may be inappropriate and be aware of limitations.
  7. To encourage students towards a level of independence in both the planning and organisation of their studies.
  8. To assist the development of competence and confidence of the students aslearners, taking responsibility for their own learning through directed reading and study.

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