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Advance Portfolio Management: Course Outline

The art of selecting the right investment policy for the individuals in terms of minimum risk and maximum return is called as portfolio management.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Financial markets and their role in global economic system
  • Emerging trends in global financial markets
  • Stock market indices
  • Price-weighted index
  • Market-value-weighted index
  • Un-weighted index
  • Mean variance uncertainty
  • Risk and return relationship
  • Markowitz efficient portfolio theory
  • Application of portfolio theory
  • Capital asset pricing model (CAPM)
  • Application of the model
  • Arbitrage pricing theory (APT)
  • Anomalies
  • Multi factor models
  • Application of multi factor models
  • Valuation of financial assets
  • Stocks valuation
  • Preferred stocks valuation
  • Bonds valuation
  • Evaluation of portfolio performance
  • Fundamental analysis

Text Books