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Life and Living III: Introduction to the Basic Concept and Teachings of the Quran: Study Visits

The Quran is the exact words revealed by Allah SWT to His last Prophet Muhammad SAW. It was memorized by Muhammad and then dictated to his Companions, and written down by scribes, who cross-checked it during his lifetime.

Study Visits

A Visit to the Council of Islamic Ideology

The Council of Islamic Ideology is a constitutional body that advises the legislature whether or not a certain law is repugnant to Islam. In order to acquaint the students with the role of CII in the legislation in the country, a study trip was organized for the students of BS (Software Engineering) of Computing.

A Visit to Dawa’h Academy

On April 15, 2017 a study trip to Dawa’h Academy, International Islamic University was organized. The purpose of the visit was to introduce the students of Life and Living to Dawa’h academy and its activities.

1. The students viewed the Gosha-e-Iqbal and were given a short brieing about IRI

2. A short introduction of Dr. Hamidullah Library was given and students visited the diferent parts of the library. They asked diferent questions about the library data, important manuscripts/books in historical perspectives, their preservation and e-library & online access.

3. A presentation about Da’wah Academy was given and students were briefed about the purpose of academy and its activities

4. Finally, the students visited the Faisal Masjid and were briefed about its construction history.

Study Visits

A Study Trip to Faisal Mosque

In order to promote awareness about the role and signifcance of the Mosque in the Muslim Society, a study visit to Faisal Mosque was planned and coordinated by Ms. Sehla Riaz, Lecturer Life and Living. The students visited the Mosque, diferent sections of Dr Hameedullah Library at Islamic Research Institute and ofered Jumma prayer there The visitors were briefed regarding the architecture of the mosque.

A Excursion to Pakistan Monument

To develop better understanding about Pakistan and its heroes, a study tour to Pakistan Monument was organized for the students of MBBS on May 25, 2017. Before the departure, students were briefed about the trip and its objectives. They were informed that after visiting the monument everyone would have to write post-trip observation report. The students took keen interest in the visual representation of the history of Pakistan and termed the trip very enlightening and informative.