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Psychopathology- I: Home

the scientific study of mental disorders, features of people's mental health considered collectively.

Objectives of the Course

The course is designed to introduce students with the basic concepts and historical background of Abnormal Psychology. The course also aims to familiarize students with the classification, diagnosis, symptomology and etiological factors of different psychological disorders according to DSM V.

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08:00 am - 04:00 pm

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Rational of the course

Upon the completion of the course the students should be able to:

Differentiate between ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ behavior.

Become acquainted with the use of DSM V .

Describe the diagnostic criteria, symptoms, course, prevalence etiology and treatment of the different psychological disorders.

Apply diagnostic criteria and case formulations to the assessment of psychological disorders.


Psychopathology is the scientific study of mental disorders, including efforts to understand their genetic, biologicalpsychological, and social causes; develop classification schemes (nosology) which can improve treatment planning and treatment outcomes; understand the course of psychiatric illnesses across all stages of development; more fully understand the manifestations of mental disorders; and investigate potentially effective treatments. At least conceptually, psychopathology is a subset of pathology, which is the scientific study of the nature of disease and its causes, processes, development, and consequences.

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