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Forensic Psychology: Course Contents(APsy-424)

Forensic psychology is a branch of psychology which relates to the law. The main part of forensic psychology is working with the criminal justice system.

Course Contents

Unit 1

Introduction to Forensic Psychology

History of Forensic Psychology;

Defining Forensic Psychology;

Legal Research for the social scientist

Unit 2

Applying Psychology to Civil Proceedings

Understanding Adult Domestic Law Issues;

Understanding Child Domestic Law

Issues; Conducting Personal Injury Evolution;

Personality Assessment in

Personal Injury Litigation

Unit 3

Applying Psychology to Criminal Proceedings

Evaluating eyewitness testimony in Adults & children;

Competency to stand Trial;

Insanity Defense;

Specific intent and

Diminished capacity; Probation and Parole

Course Contents

Unit 4

Special Applications

Violence Risk Assessment; Psychology and Law Enforcement;

Polygraph Testing

Unit 5

Communicating Expert Opinions

Writing Forensic Report; Serving as an expert witness

Unit 6

Interviewing with Offenders

Punishments and alternate routes to crime prevention; Practicing

psychology in Correctional settings; Psychotherapy with criminal


Unit 7

Professional Issues

Practicing Principled Forensic Psychology; legal, ethical and moral consideration; Training in Forensic Psychology

Recommended books