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Brand Management: Home

Effective brand management is critical to maintaining the long-term profitability of products and services.

Course Objectives

  • Provide an understanding of the meanings of the brand in alternative ways.
  • Provide the appropriate concepts, theories, and techniques related to the important issues in brand management operations.
  • Enhance students’ ability to apply creative and critical strategies and tactics involved in developing, positioning, leveraging, managing a brand, and measuring its value.

Study and understand the core concept of brand management through the lens of Islamic teachings and academic research.

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Information Advisor

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Muhammad Arif Raza
Information Services Department
Riphah International University
G-7/4, Islamabad

Learning outcomes

  • Assess different viewpoints on brand and think cogently and critically about these viewpoints;
  • Analyze specific problems and challenges in brand management, and to devise sound and practical solutions to these problems;
  • Use resources (e.g., marketing research, research studies, expert advice, etc.) in an informed and skillful way as part of the process of developing ideas, plans, and solutions;
  • Effectively communicate branding knowledge in oral and written contexts;
  • Work individually and as an effective member of a team.