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Brand Management: Course outline - MKT-506

Effective brand management is critical to maintaining the long-term profitability of products and services.

Course Description

Brands are among the most valuable assets of a company. A strong brand can have a significant impact on consumer purchasing decision by communicating the value of and providing differentiation for products and services. Thus, effective brand management is critical to maintaining the long-term profitability of products and services. While branding is both an art and a science, there are certain patterns and predictability of branding activities that greatly increase the odds of success. Becoming familiar with the relevant theories and models of branding can help managers make better branding decisions. With the arrival of many interactive communications tools, there are also growing challenges as well as opportunities in the process of branding.

Text & Reference books

Course outline

  • Brand and brand management
  • Brand management process
  • Importance of brand equity
  • Building a strong brand
  • Brand positioning
  • Choosing brand elements to build brand equity
  • Research paper
  • Designing marketing programs to build brand equity
  • Integrated marketing communications to build brand equity
  • Leveraging secondary brand associations
  • Measuring brand performance
  • Measuring sources of brand equity
  • Growing and sustaining brand equity

About Course

Course Title                         

Brand Management



Course Code No.

MKT- 506

No. of Credits




Class Contact Hours

3 hours/ Week  X 16 Weeks = 48 Hours

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