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Psychological Assessment in Organizations : Course Outline (PSIO 5103)

Psychological assessment is a tool used to help organizations make decisions about hiring, promotion, and development.

Course Contents

Psychological Assessment

Use of Psychological Assessment in I/O Psychology CLO1

Ethical, legal and professional issues in assessment

Test Construction and Standardization

Different taxonomies of test development

Validity and reliability

Norms, cultural differences and bias

Test construction process

Psychological screening & selection

Employment interviews

Portfolio assessment

Performance tests, Physical test

Assessment of productivity and motivation

Other varieties of I/O assessment (drug tests etc.)

Measurement of Ability

Tests to measure IQ (SPM)

Tests to measure job-related abilities

Emotional Intelligence

Measurement of Aptitude

Aptitude test batteries


Assessment of creativity   

Course Contents

Assessment of leadership

Assessment of Job Performance

Job performance ratings

Multisource feedback

Assessment of team and teamwork

Personality Assessment

Workplace application of:



Myers-Brigg Type Indicator


EPPS, 16 Personality factor

Consumer Assessment

Product opinion

Brand loyalty

Measuring interests, values, attitudes reactions to workplace

Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory

Job attitudes:

Job satisfaction, Job commitment, Job autonomy etc.

Job Motivation

Integrity testing