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Basic Transfusion Medicine: Home

Course Objective

To prepare a cadre of transfusion technologists and workers who can effectively assist senior health professionals in the delivery of quality blood transfusion services. To introduce and impart standard technical education with new modern techniques, within the fields of blood banking.

Goals and Objective

  • Demonstrate competency in investigating, evaluating, and interpreting BB cases. This includes selecting appropriate blood products for transfusion and work-ups of positive antibody screens and panels and transfusion reactions.
  • Demonstrate professional behavior regarding patients, other physicians and all clinical laboratory personnel.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to reviewing and improving Blood Bank/Transfusion Medicine practice patterns and to life-long learning.
  • Understand the scientific basis and pathophysiology of Blood Banking, which includes an understanding of immunohematology.
  • Recognize the importance of utilizing the medical literature and modern techniques to provide optimal patient care.
  • Communicate effectively in verbal and written form with their clinical colleagues, administrative, technical, and clerical personnel.

About NCUK

NCUK a unique pathway programme and global placement support in the field of Engineering, Business and Arts & Science. 4000 undergrduate & graduate degree programmes through NCUK academic qualification is recognised by NARIC (National Academic Recognition & Information Centre- UK) and HEC (Pakistan). NCUK|Riphah is the only HEC accredited pathway program in Pakistan with International academic quality standard.

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