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History of English Literature (From Medieval to Restoration Period): On Campus Services

The history of English Literature starts with the Anglo-Saxons and Germanic settlers in Anglo-Saxon England in the 5th century, c.450. The oldest English literature was in Old English which is the earliest form of English and is a set of Anglo-Frisian dia

Individual Carrels


Individual Carrels

Enjoying a quiet study environment – this is what a library carrel, offers you. Individual study are designated to intensive library research, learning or writing.

Journals and Magazines


Journals and Magazines

A magazine is a periodical aimed at the general public, which contains news, opinion and personal narratives. Journals are scholarly periodicals aimed at researchers or specialists

Circulation Desk


Our professional team of staff offers wide range of services to all students, staff and visitors at Riphah International University.

Borrowing Policy:

  • All faculty members, students and staff are eligible users.
  • Alumni of university are eligible to apply for reader’s card at the ISD circulation counter. Alumni may also apply for borrower’s card by paying an annual fee of Rs 1000/- plus a deposit of Rs. 5000/- refundable upon termination of borrowing rights.
  • Borrowing privilege may differ depending on the membership category. The borrowing privileges are as under:


Information Literacy and Orientation Sessions


Orientation Sessions

Regular library orientation sessions are held to enhance information-handling skills of library users and also to increase the effectiveness of research. The service is available on individual and group basis. This program may also be offered at;

The request of faculty member
The start of each semester, the library offers an orientation session/tour for new participants

Personal Computers


Personal Computers

Riphah have computer lab for all level of students and faculty

Google Search

Google Web Search