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Study Skills: Course Outline GC-102


The purpose of Study Skills is to help students maximize the learning process. The will require ample amount of time and dedication to enable the student to experience school success.

This course is designed to help students develop and use study skills that will help them become successful learners. Students will learn various techniques that will be helpful to them throughout their academic years.

Course Contents

  1. Providing Study Skills to the Students
  2. Ways of developing good study habits.

  3. Time Management.
  4. Note Taking during lectures.
  5. Reading Techniques
  6.  Analyzing paragraph, articles etc
  7. Annotations and footnotes
  8. Preparing Assignments
  9. Using internet
  10. Practice

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate ability to use appropriate learning and self-management strategies, and study skills.
  • Take effective notes from lectures and academic texts which identify the main and supporting points with details and examples as appropriate.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills and digital literacies, as an independent learner and as part of a peer group, through oral presentations and participation in tutorials and class discussions.

Recommended Books