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Pharmacology & Therapeutics-IIB (PHARM 517): Home

Principles to Practice uses pharmacology principles to integrate the most recent advances in basic biomedical sciences into deciding the best medications to treat illness and preserve health.


Pharmacology & therapeutics is the study of substances that interact with living systems through chemical processes, especially by binding to regulatory molecules and activating or inhibiting normal body processes. These substances may be chemicals administered to achieve a beneficial therapeutic effect on some process within the patient or for their toxic effects on regulatory processes in parasites infecting the patient. “Introduction to Pharmacology and Drug Development,” will provide students with an introduction to the nature of drugs and drug development including: principles of drug receptors; how drugs interact with the body (PD)




PHARM-D Overview

  • Pharmacists apply their understanding of anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology to comprehend biochemical mechanisms of drug action, pharmacological applications, therapeutic roles, side effects, possible drug interactions, and monitoring variables.
  • Pharmacy has been an emerging field in Pakistan. It would not be wrong to say that it is an emerging field in medical sciences all around the world.
  • While developed countries like the USA, Australia, and the UK have already achieved a lot in this field, many other countries are also advancing at a great pace to catch up to them.
  • This is because pharmacists have proved that they are an essential part of our healthcare system. Since the inception of this profession in modern days, the incidences of any ADRs or medication relation accidents have been reduced significantly.

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