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Science of Dental Materials: Course Outline

Dental materials are specially fabricated materials, designed for use in dentistry. There are many different types of dental material, and their characteristics vary according to their intended purpose. Examples include temporary dressings, restoration.

Course Oultine

Dental Materials

  1. Introduction to Dental Materials
  2. Physical properties of materials
  • Characterization of solid surfaces
  • Adsorption, absorption, and sorption.
  • Surface tension, wetting, capillary rise
  • Forces involved in denture retention
  1. Thermal, Electrical and other related properties of dental materials
  2. Mechanical properties i.e. stress, strain, stress/strain relationship and other   related properties.
  3. Classification of dental materials on their basis of chemistry eg. example Polymers, Ceramics, Metals, Alloy and composites.
  4. Impression materials in all respects and duplicating materials.
  5. Duplicating materials
  6. Gypsum products and investment materials.
  7. Investment materials
  8. Dental Waxes
  9. Separating media used in dentistry
  10. Polymers:
  • Requirements of denture base materials.
  • Properties of Acrylic Resin as a denture base materials, their composition, manipulation and processing.
  • Alternative denture base materials.
  • Artificial teeth.
  • Types of Acrylic Resin polymerization i.e. heat cured Acrylic denture plastics, chemically accelerated plastics, fluid resin acrylic denture plastics, light cured denture plastics, repair, relining and rebasing materials
  • Tissue conditioning materials and soft linner.
  1. Adhesion : Enamel and Dentine bonding agents and bonding system.
  2. Dental Cements
  • Zinc Phosphate Cement
  • Zinc Oxide/Eugenol, Modified Zinc Oxide/Eugenol, Ethoxy Benzoyic Acid
  • Cement, Zinc Polycarboxylate ,Zinc Polyacrylate Cement, Silico Phosphate cement
  • Glass ionomer cement and hybrid ionomer Cement
  • Compomers, Cavity varnish, Cavity linners, Calcium hydroxide and guttapurcha.


Course Outline

General Characteristics of Metals

  • Extraction of metals from their ores and their purification.
  • Micro leakage, creep, galvanism, cold working/strain hardning, Annealing
  • Welding and soldering.
  • Tarnish and corrosion and their types

Alloys and its types

  • Dental casting gold alloys its composition, properties uses
  • Base metal casting alloys, their composition, properties and comparison with casting gold alloys
  • Wrought alloys, i.e. steel and stainless steel
  • Porcelain and bonded porcelain as a dental ceramic,classification of dental porcelain, composition, properties manufacturing and firing and their uses
  • Maxillo facial materials used in dentistry
  • Abrasion and polishing materials

Practical And Laboratory Techniques

  • Identification and manipulation of all dental materials
  • Laboratory procedures / experience of Acrylic, partial denture and crown and bridge work

Text Books

Reference Book