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Industrial Pharmacy: Pharmaceutics IV B (624) (625)

Course Content

01. EMULSIONS: Mechanical Equipments, Specific formulation
Considerations and Emulsion stability.
02. SUSPENSIONS: Formulation of suspensions, Equipment used in preparation and test methods for pharmaceutical suspensions.
03 SEMISOLIDS: Equipment used for Ointments, Pastes, Gels and Jellies. Packaging of ointments.
04 EQUIPMENTS USED FOR: Patches, Sprays, Implants, Sutures, Plasters and Sachet packing.
05. STERILE PRODUCTS: Sterile area and its Classification, Ophthalmic ointments, Preparation of praenterals (Building, Equipment), Complete Sterility (Aseptic area), air control, (Laminar flow etc.), air locks, Environmental monitoring methods, Sterilization, Filling/Packaging (Plastic and glass containers), Added substances (Preservatives, anti-oxidants, solubilizer, suspending agents, buffers, stabilizers etc.), Inprocess Quality Control of Parenterals (Sterility, leakage, pyrogens, clarity etc.).
06. STANDARDIZATION OF PHARMACEUTICALS: An understanding of quality assurance system adopted in pharmaceutical industry. Good Manufacturing Practices and Current Good Manufacturing Practices.
07. PACKING & PACKAGING: Influence of Packaging materials, Stability, Packaging Lines, Packaging Area, Packaging Equipment.
(a) Mechanical, chemical and fire hazards problems.
(b) Inflammable gases and dusts.
Note: STUDY TOUR: A visit to the pharmaceutical industries will be an integral part of the syllabi and will prepare and submit a report about operations in Pharmaceutical industry that will be evaluated in practical examination.


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