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Professional Ethics in General: Home

Professional ethics encompass the personal, organizational and corporate standards of behaviour expected of professionals.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of this students will be able

  • To understand the basic concept of Ethics and Morality
  • To know the importance of Ethics in personal, social and professional life.
  • To analyze Ethical Issues in an Islamic Perspectives
  • To develop a responsible and good Muslim Professional  



Course Objective


  • To build up personal and professional qualities in the light of Islamic ethics.
  • To acquire the knowledge of basic global ethical principles enshrined in the Islamic sources to enable exercise of professional judgment in modern ethical issues.
  • Students will be encouraged to think critically about the ethical implications of what computer scientists do.

Specific Knowledge:

  • To understand the values and principles concerning ethics and personality development.
  • To comprehend the basic concepts, ideas and principles of Ethics and morality.
  • To exhibit leadership qualities in ethic and profession.


  • To analyze ethical issues and resolve the problems arise in their profession.
  • To utilize the Islamic ethical values in  of personal and social life.


  • To develop honest and responsible professionals.

Deputy Director

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Khurram Shahzad
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