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Professional Ethics in General: Course Outline

Professional ethics encompass the personal, organizational and corporate standards of behaviour expected of professionals.


  • Introduction of the course
  • Introduction of Philosophy
  • Branches of Philosophy
  • Sources of Knowledge
  • Introduction origin and definition of Ethics
  • Importance and Reality of Ethics
  • Method to identification of Self weaknesses 
  • Evolution of Ethical Values
  • Primary Ethical Value
  • Types and Elements of Ethics 
  • Development period of Ethics
  • Theories of Ethics
  • Western Ethics, Foundations and major values
  • Ethics in Islam comprehensive view, Foundations and major values
  • Motives of Islamic Ethics
  • Ethics at Personal Level, Etiquettes of Cleanliness, Health, Dressing, Eating and Drinking 
  • Etiquettes of Sleeping, Way, travelling, joy and happiness, Fear and hope
  • Ethics at Social Level: Rights of parents, Etiquettes of family life, Rights of Children, Etiquettes of friendship, Rights of relatives
  • Etiquettes of Guest, gathering, Meeting, Talk, Business 

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