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Marketing Management: Course Outline MKT-411

Marketing provides the interface between the customer and the firm in which the customer has become pivotal to the success of business activities.

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Course outline

  • Marketing for 21st century
  • Marketing research
  • Case 1 Discussion
  • Creating long-term loyalty relationships
  • Analysis of consumer markets
  • Case 2 Discussion
  • Analysis of business markets
  • Ethics in business
  • Islamic perspective
  • STP
  • Competitive dynamics
  • Islamic perspective
  • Product strategies
  • Case 4 Discussion
  • Managing services  
  • Pricing
  • Brand Equity
  • Project Presentations

Learning Outcome

At the end of the course the students should be able to:

  • To provide an understanding of and appreciation for the role of marketing in managing a business.
  • To share his/her experience of the concepts and skills utilized by today's marketing managers.
  • To describe the major elements of the marketing process, including the influence of external environments on marketing, marketing research, consumer behavior, market segmentation, product strategy, distribution strategy, promotion strategy, pricing strategy.
  • To understand the increasingly intense competition that is affecting the global markets.

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