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Positive Psychology: Course Outline(APsy-423)

Positive psychology is the study of happiness. Psychology has traditionally focused on dysfunction—people with mental illness or other issues—and how to treat it. Positive psychology, in contrast, is a field that examines how ordinary people can become ha

Course Outline

What is Positive Psychology?


Assumptions , Goals, and definitions

The Meaning and Measure of Happiness

What is happiness? Hedonic Happiness, Eudaimonic happiness

Subjective well-being: the hedonic basis of happiness

Measuring subjective well being

Life satisfaction

Positive affect, negative affect and happiness

Global measures of happiness

Self realization: the eudaimonic basis of happiness

Comparing hedonic and eudaimonic views of happiness

Positive Emotions and Well-Being

What are positive emotions?

Positive emotions and health resources

Positive emotions and well being

Cultivating positive emotions


What is resilience?

Sources of resilience in children

Sources of resilience in adulthood and later life

Successful aging

Happiness and Facts of Life

Happiness across the life span

Gender and happiness

Marriage and happiness

Other facts of life: physical and mental health, work and unemployment, intelligence and education

Course Outline

Money, Happiness, and Culture

The paradox of affluence

Well-being across nations

Understanding money and happiness

Culture and well-being

Personal Goals as Windows to Well-Being

Goals connect “having” and “doing”

What are personal goals?

The personalization of goals in self concept

What goals contribute most to well-being?

Self Regulation and Self control

The value of self control

Self discrepancy theory

Planning for self regulation success

Goals that create self regulation problems

Goal disengagement

Materialism and its discontents

Positive Traits

What makers a trait positive?

Personality, emotions, and biology

Positive beliefs


Positive illusions

Close Relationships and Well-Being

Defining close relationships

On the lighter side:

teasing and humor


Varieties of love



Recommended Books