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The course focuses on current methods of applicant search, screening and steps in the selection process that conform to legislative requirements.


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Course Description

The course focuses on current methods of applicant search, screening and steps in the selection process that conform to legislative requirements.  Emphasis is on how to align the recruitment and selection functions with the overall business strategy of the firm.  Students in this course learn how to perform job analysis and develop job descriptions and job postings.  Particular concentration is on structured interview techniques with students designing effective situational and behaviour description interview questions with scoring guides and conducting interviews through role play.   Scientifically sound measures of performance used in assessment, selection and decision -making are integrated into the entire course.

Course Objectives

The primary objective of this course is to provide an understanding of the fundamental aspects of the staffing process in organizations. Students will

  • Acquire knowledge of staffing (i.e., recruitment and selection) procedures that meet scientific, professional, and legal standards.
  • Know the concepts and theories of recruitment and selection from the Islamic perspective.
  • Based on this knowledge, develop their ability to critically evaluate how organizations recruit and select employees
  • Have the opportunity to develop and apply skills in the design and implementation of recruitment and selection systems.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs)

CLO1: The student will be able to understand the basic processes and principles related to recruitment and selection including human resource planning, job analysis, recruitment sources, attracting the right person, the role of CVs in the hiring process, selection process, the role of personality tests in the selection, applications and interview process, final offer employee retention strategies.

CLO2: The students will be able to understand the recruitment and selection process with a focus on Islamic ethical values and indigenous perspective.

CLO3: The students will be able to professionally and independently develop skills related to recruitment and selection practices (i.e. doing job analysis, developing recruitment and selection manual, interview skills) and will be able to apply their scholarly knowledge in preparing, and following up on organizational and hiring decisions and to deal with their implementation in all organizational settings.

CLO4: The student will be able to develop management and social skills. Given its highly interactive nature, communication skills as well as learning to deal with effective teamwork, diversity, negotiating skills.

CLO5: The students will be able to develop a problemā€oriented attitude that is required for the recognition and tackling of problems, for investigating directions towards solutions, and for choosing, designing, implementing, and evaluating a reasoned solution.

Information Advisor

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Muhammad Arif Raza
Information Services Department
Riphah International University
G-7/4, Islamabad

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