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Recruitment and Selection : Course Outline MGT-633

The course focuses on current methods of applicant search, screening and steps in the selection process that conform to legislative requirements.

Text & Reference Books

  • Margaret Dale. Handbook of Successful Recruitment and Selection: A Practical Guide for Managers.
  • John Billsberry. Experiencing Recruitment and Selection
  • Christina Evans, Judith Glover, Yvonne Guerrier, Cornelia Wilson.  Effective Recruitment Strategies and Practices
  • Gareth Robert. Recruitment and Selection: A competency approach.
  • Eric Garner. Recruitment and Selection: Hiring the people you want.
  • Ali Abbas. Management from an Islamic perspective

Course Outline (BBA)

Overview of HRM Process

Overview of the Recruitment and Selection Process

Job Analysis

Recruiting Sources

Attracting the Right Person

Attracting the Right Person

Role of CV in Recruitment and Selection

Selection Process

Role of Selection Tests and interviews in the Hiring Process

Selection Methods and their Impact on Candidate

Final Selection

Keeping the Best (Essential Retention Strategies)

Workplace Factors That Affect Hiring and Retention

Discovery System!

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