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Physiological Optics: Physiological Optics - I (BSPO613)


Learning Objective

The Course will introduce students to a broad range of core topics and concepts in physiological optics and vision science, but will embed these topics within a broader framework of understanding about the nature of vision, the underlying mechanisms of the human visual system, the way vision develops in early life, and the functions that vision serves in human behavior. In this way, students will gain insight into the relationships between basic science and clinical practice.

Course Contents

1. Problems of Ametropia

2. Retinoscopy

3. Subjective refraction

4. Balancing method of subjective refraction

5. Near vision tests & refraction

6. Tests for binocular vision

7. Keratometry

8. Routine eye examination

9. Accommodation – convergence relationship

10. Methods of accommodation & convergence measurement


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