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Physiological Optics: Physiological Optics - II (BSPO623)


Learning Objective

This Course introduces the eye’s optical system and its relationship to the anatomical structures of the eye. The students will learn different types of refractive errors and their management, and proper implementation of diagnostic tools, used in the management of these refractive conditions.

Course Objectives

1. Myopia

2. Hypermetropia

3. Astigmatism I –Simple

4. Astigmatism II –Compound

5. Aphakia and pseudophakia

6. Presbyopia

7. Prismatic corrections

8. Anisometropia

9. Near point and far point

10. Refractive consideration of near & far point

Reference Books

Course Objectives

The major outline of the course will cover

▪ Ametropia, discussion of types, significance and etiological factors

▪ Introduction to the process of accommodation

▪ Discussion of accommodation and convergence relationships 

▪ Presbyopia and the optical provisions for Presbyopia patients