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Organic Chemistry: Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IA

This guide comprises of two courses Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IA and Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IB

Course Contents

1. Basic Concepts: Chemical Bonding and concept of Hybridization, Conjugation, Resonance (Mesomerism), Hyperconjugation, Aromaticity, Inductive Effect, Electromeric, Effect, Hydrogen bonding, Steric Effect, Effect  of structure on reactivity of compounds. Tautornerism of Carbonyl Compounds Nomericlature of Organic Compounds.

2. Stereo Chemistry\Conformational Analysis: Tereoisomerism, Optical Isomerism; Molecules With More Than One Chiral Center Geometrical Isomerism, Resolution Of Racemic Mixture. Conformational Analysis

3. General Method Of Preparations Properties, Identification Test And Pharmaceutical Applications Of The Following Classes And Their Analogues:

I. Alkane, Alkenes, Alkynes, Aromatic compounds

Ii. Alkyl halide, Alcohol, phenols, ethers, amines

Iii. Ketones, Aldehydes

Iv. Acids, Esters, Amides and derivatives

4. Nucleophilic, Electrophilic, substitution

5. Orientation in Electrophilic

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