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Life and Living-V: Professional Ethics: Course Outline (Professional Ethics in Medical Science)

This course highlights the importance of moral conduct in human life. First part of the course will familiarize the students with ethical viewpoint of Islam. The second part will develop student’s understanding about historical, social, ethical and profes

Course Description

This course highlights the importance of moral conduct in human life. First part of the course will familiarize the students with ethical viewpoint of Islam. The second part will develop student’s understanding about historical, social, ethical and professional issues related to the discipline of Medical Science. It identifies the sources of information about professionalism and ethics. Students evaluate at access ethical and professional in medical case studies. This course introduces the students to ethical, moral issues and their responsibilities.

Course Objectives


a.To build up personal and professional qualities in the light of Islamic ethics.

b.To acquire the knowledge of basic global ethical principles enshrined in the Islamic sources to enable exercise of professional judgment in modern ethical issues.

c.Students will be encouraged to think critically about the ethical implications of what medical practitioners do.



i.To understand the values and principles concerning ethics and personality development.

ii.To comprehend the basic concepts, ideas and principles about professional and scientific issues.

iii.To exhibit leadership qualities in ethic and profession.


i.To analyze ethical issues and resolve the problems arise in their profession.

ii.To be able to understand and implement the Islamic ethical values in the field of Medical Science.


i.To develop honest and responsible professionals who will be able to perform leading role in their respective fields.

Course Goals

  1. To develop the good Muslim professionals in medical sciences.
  2. To highlight the role of ethics in personality development.
  3. To inculcate the ethical values in professional life.
  4. To provide well equipped professionals to the society who can meet the upcoming challenges in the field of Medical Science.

Teaching Methodology

  1. Interactive lectures
  2. Discussions which links to theory to practice
  3. Demonstration/Presentations/Micro teaching
  4. Community Projects
  5. In-House Seminars/Sessions and Workshops
  6. Study Visits

Text Book

Course Contents

1.General Ethics

a.What is ethics? In General an introduction.

b.The development of ethical theory.

c.The basic principles of ethics in different religions.

d.Ethics in Islam, a comprehensive view.

e.Moral conduct and Faith.

f.The five pillars of Islam and moral conduct.

g.The moral qualities of believers.

h.Moral conduct and Taqwa.

i.The distinction of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) among the teachers of moral conduct.

j.Impact of Role Model on personality

k.Virtuous conduct and Baseness (Raza’il)

l.Qualities of a good professional

m.Rights and duties

n.Etiquettes and manners

2.Specific Issues:

a.The process of expansion of universe.

b.Beginning of Life. Evolution Stages & End             

c.Truth about Big Bang Theory (Creation of Universe).

d.Purpose of Creation of Mankind & Who Created it 

e.Revealed Sciences.    

f.Difference between Creator & creatures, a comparative study

g.Law of Conservation of Matter         



3.Bio-Medical Ethical issues

a.Dissection on dead bodies       

b.Theory of Evolution               

c.Genetic engineering               


e.Cloning, therapeutic/reproductive and Parthogenesis.

f.Stem cell engineering.            

g.Surrogate mother.                  

h.Medical aspects and moral implications of Rape.

i.Ancient Medicine and Surgery          

j.Tib-a-Nabavi (SAS)   

k.Muslim contribution to Medicine and Surgery

l.Modern medicine       

m.Infertility and its ethical an psychological effects.

n.Organ Transplant and donation

o.Cosmetic Surgery                   

p.Commercial use of human remains

q.Gender selection                    



t.Population Planning               

u.Code of ethic in social life to protect from extremism & Clashes.

v.Medical profession as a mission of curing not only physical problems but also treatment of whole human, including spiritual and moral problems.

w.Sexual misconduct, obscenity; disrespect for relations.

x.Persecution & Human Right  

y.Embryological Development of Reproductive System.


4.Some Common and popular myth

a.Magic, its viability in nature. 

b.Unidentifiable objects            

c.Dreams and their nature an effects on behavior.

d.Ghost. Super Natural & Sprits                       

e.Telepathy, Horoscope, Hypnosis, Psychological Treatments.