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Life and Living-V: Professional Ethics: Community Development/Social Welfare Projects:

This course highlights the importance of moral conduct in human life. First part of the course will familiarize the students with ethical viewpoint of Islam. The second part will develop student’s understanding about historical, social, ethical and profes

Community Development/Social Welfare Projects

A Session on Respect of Elders

Keeping the mission of Ripah in view, the students of Life and Living were assigned a project to organize a session on Respecting Elders in an elementary school based in Rawalpindi. Engr Rafatullah Khan, Registrar Riphah International University and a panel of Riphah faculty were invited to deliver motivational talks on the subject. A quiz competition on the subject was also organized in which children actively participated. They were awarded cash prizes while gift packs were distributed among their parents present in the event.

Computer Lab for Madrassa Graduates

The graduates of madrassa are at a visible disadvantage when entering the job market compared to their peers from conventional schools. The students of Life and Living in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences were assigned a project to provide technical assistance to the madrassa students so that they may come at par with the students of mainstream educational institutions. With this background in view, the students decided to establish a computer lab in Markaz-e-Taleem-o- Tehqeeq, an institution of Islamic learning located in the periphery of Islamabad

Ramadan Food Provision Project 

The sense of empathy is central to the spirit of Ramadan. Keeping with the same spirit during Ramadan, on May 17, 2017 a Food Provision Project was organised to help the poor in which Riphah students actively participated and realized the miseriesof the poor. 

Tree Plantation Drive 

On May 26,2017 a Tree Plantation Drive was lunched at WISH campus to sensitise students to the value of tree plantation. The students took great interest in the project and actively participated. They raised funds, purchased plants and planted them on different places in the campus.


Community Development/Social Welfare Projects

Wall of Kindness Project

The wall of kindness is a charitable activity for the welfare of the poor, usually done by attaching clothes hangers outside the houses. This idea has become popular across the world in order to help the needy. To encourage the students acquire a habit of charity and cultivate among them a sense of philanthropy, a project was assigned to create a wall of kindness at Chistiabad Rawalpindi for the poor of the area.

Cleanliness Moot

In order to raise awareness among the students about cleanliness and ‘Taharah’ in the light of Islamic teachings, a moot was organized on May 17, 2017. The students were asked to make chart-presentations highlighting various aspects of the subject and suggesting the ways to make the society neat and clean. They also donated dustbins for the classrooms.


Provision of Amenities to the Underprivileged

Bethak School System is a network of community-based welfare schools established in 1996 to provide basic education to the underprivileged students in the country. Under Life and Living program, a project was assigned to provide basic amenities to the students of two schools based in Rawalpindi. The students of Riphah had held motivational talks for the children to urge them get higher education and come at par with students of mainstream school of Pakistan. In the course of the current semester, Spring 2017, Riphah students raised funds, provided a water dispenser and six chargeable fans to a campus of Baithak School in Rawalpindi. The students also organized various competitions among the children of the school and awarded gifts to the winners to reinforce their passion for learning.


A Visit to Aghosh Orphanage

To instill a sense of philanthropy in line with the principles of Islam, a visit to Aghosh Orphan Care, Rawalpindi was organized. The instructor of Life and Living at Riphah WISH Campus coordinated the visit. Director Aghosh, Mr. Bilal Saeed briefed the students about the orphanage and its activities. The students visited the centre, interacted with the orphans and presented gifts to all of them.