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Life and Living-V: Professional Ethics: Miscellaneous Activities

This course highlights the importance of moral conduct in human life. First part of the course will familiarize the students with ethical viewpoint of Islam. The second part will develop student’s understanding about historical, social, ethical and profes

An-Inter Class Debate at Riphah WISH

An-Inter Class Debate at Riphah WISH

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities is keenly aware of improving social attitudes and behavior of the students in addition to improving their language skills and professional competence .An inter-class debate was held on the theme “Can girls and boys be friends? ” in the Communication Skills Course to enhance speaking skills in English as well as to inculcate modesty in students. The activity was productive as the WISH Campus students were not only interested in the topic but learnt the art of argumentative speaking too.

Presentation on Selected Themes of Life & Living

On March 15, 2017, a number of indoor activities was organized at WISH Campus. Thematic model presentations were made by the DPT students on different topics including Role of the Muslim Youth, How to Perform Haj, Contributions of Muslims in Calligraphy, Rights of Women in Islam, The Concept of Modesty in Islam and Inculcating Islamic Ethical Values among Children. The participants worked tirelessly to perform well in their areas of activity. These activities set an appropriate stage for application of theoretical knowledge. The session concluded with the distribution of the certificates among the participants.

Implementing Islam in our Lives

This misperception has got prevalence these days that ideas and ideal of Islam are only a matter of profession and not practice. There is relatively a scarcity of living examples of Islamic teachings in the contemporary age. To highlight the practical dimension of Islamic teachings an in-house session on Implementing Islam in Our Lives was organized on May 18, 2017. In this in-house session the students of MSc Psychology and MA English Riphah WISH campus presented poster presentations on various themes pertaining to the subject. The activity was found to be a source of inspiration as well as soul searching.

An-Inter Class Debate at Riphah WISH

Quiz Competition on Islamic Sciences

On May 15, 2017 a quiz competition on Islamic Sciences was organized at Riphah Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The competition aimed at improving the religious awareness among pharmaceutical students through a highly motivating moot. Enthusiastic preparation and ~ participation of students was witnessed during the event.


Workshop on the Power of Dua

A workshop was conducted for sixty three students gaining admission in the Spring Semester 2017 at RCRS College -WISH Campus by Mrs. Samina Najeeb from FSS&H. The objective of this workshop was to provide orientation to the entrants about the concept of dua and its significance in a Muslim’s life. A dua is a believer’s weapon and the purpose of making dua is establishing a close relationship with our Creator, seeking His forgiveness and asking Him to grant our wishes. The students were inspired to perform Salah regularly, which is a form of Dua too.