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Life and Living-V: Professional Ethics: Guest Lectures

This course highlights the importance of moral conduct in human life. First part of the course will familiarize the students with ethical viewpoint of Islam. The second part will develop student’s understanding about historical, social, ethical and profes

Guest Lectures

Jinnah’s Vision of Pakistan

On March 17, an exclusive lecture on Jinnah’s Vision of Pakistan was organized for the students of DPT and MBBS at Al-Mizan Campus. Dr Farooq Ahmad Dar, Assistant Professor, Department of History, QAU and the author of Jinnah's Pakistan: Formation and Challenges of a State was the key-note speaker. The distinguished professor who is considered an authority on the subject, was especially invited by the FSS&H to deliver a talk on the subject and dispel the misperceptions regarding the vision of Quaid-i-Azam and the ideological basis of the country. The lecture was followed by an engaging question-answer session.

Islam, Secularism and Pakistan: Debates and Perspectives

On May 22, 2017 another exclusive lecture on Islam, Secularism and Pakistan: Debates and Perspectives was organized for the students of RIMS at Al-Mizan Campus. Renowned scholar Mr. Tarik Jan, author of acclaimed books i.e. Engaging Secularism: Limits of a Promise and Pakistan between Islam and Secularism was the key-note speaker. The students took keen interest in the subject and raised questions on various dimensions of the subject.


Our Responsibility towards Society

A lecture on Our Responsibility towards Society was organized at WISH campus on April 24, 2017.Major (r) Ghulam Qadri was the resource person. He laid emphasis on the main reasons for the lack of good moral qualities in our society. It was comprehensively explained how belief in Akhirah develops one’s character. Furthermore, he urged the audience to live according to the commandments of Allah almighty. The lecture was followed by a question answer session.

Guest Lectures

A Series of Lectures on Academic Writing

Four lectures on Academic Writing were organized from March 28 to May 3, 2017 for the senior students of Riphah Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Mr. Tariq Anees, Senior Lecturer, Department of English Riphah was the resource person. The objective of these sessions was to improve the writing skills of students and to enable them to write their term papers and dissertation in line with the required academic standard. It was also underlined that they should stay abreast with the current trends in research in their respective fields. The participants termed the series very educative and expressed a desire to have such sessions in future as well.



A Lectures on Career Counseling

A lecture on Career-Counselling was organized on April 25, 2017 for the students of Riphah Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Dr Kamran Azam, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management Sciences, was the resource person. He guided the students on the concept of employment vs employability and the dynamics of job markets therein. The lecture was followed by an interactive discussion about the career options after graduating from the university and competencies and skills required to achieve excellence in their respective professions.